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Press Conference/Demonstration - Collaboration between the Jacob Hefter Foundation with local high s

Debut the completion of a 26’ foot enclosed trailer, equipped with 3 simulators that provide single driver use to operate while simulating “texting and driving”. The Jacob Hefter Foundation has worked hard for this trailer and has achieved only with generous donations from local community members, business and friends and families.

The Jacob Hefter Foundation was recently approached by advisor Mr. Leonard Moreno and a team of students that want to create a state of the art VR system, with the reality of texting and driving. This unit will be facilitated thru the Foundation’s many community events along with their other simulators occupied within the trailer.

September 12, 2008- Horrific Metrolink train crash that killed 25 people, one of which was 18 year old Jacob Hefter, Alan and Angela’s youngest son and youngest brother to Jared and Jordan Hefter. Over 100 people injured and impaired with a variety of disabilities each and every day of their lives all due to the engineer that was texting while operating the train.

This distraction caused this to happen. It is coming up on 10 years this September 2018, and the Hefter family has been actively and tirelessly in the community to bring awareness to the dangers of distracted driving.

This Jacob Hefter Foundation, owners of the trailer want all to see that this is a serious problem and we need to continuously make the right choice and keep all lives on the roads safe.

City of Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford and Council, Senator Steve Knight, Assemblymen Tom Lackey and Scott Wilk, Captains- CHP, LACO Sheriff, LACO Fire, AMR, AVH , PRMC.

Saturday February 3, 2018 11 AM. Public participation from 11:30 am -2:30 pm. Lowes 37080 47th St. E, Palmdale

PHOTO/LOGO CREDIT :jacobhefterfoundation

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