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City of Lancaster’s New Self-Service Kiosks Provide Residents with Improved Service

The City of Lancaster recently unveiled a number of new self-service kiosks, providing enhanced quality of service to its residents and stakeholders. The kiosks help make trips to Lancaster City Hall quick and easy.

The touchscreen enabled iPad kiosks are located at each of the service counters within City Hall. These convenient terminals assist citizens and stakeholders with a variety of tasks, including: the application and renewal of business licenses;

registration for recreation classes; the application and scheduling of inspections for permits; applying for employment with the

City; requesting a passport appointment; paying for a parking ticket; as well as accessing other important City information.

The utilization of these kiosks saves time for users and staff, all while extending the City’s green office practices as it continues to move toward a paperless platform in a time when the streamlining and digitizing of processes is of great importance.

While self-service kiosks are accessible at the Parks, Recreation & Arts, City Clerk, Finance, and Development Services counters; a friendly staff person is always available to provide assistance as well as address any questions or concerns.

Courtesy Via Lancaster City News


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