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  • Shirley Harriman

Danger on the Road!

Lake Los Angeles – Trash or any other form of debris on the roads is dangerous and can cause accidents and has caused fires.

On the 14 freeway an 18-wheeler got a mattress caught up in the wheels and started a brush fire recently. Appliances left on the side of the roads and streets are inviting serious crashes.

Those who illegally dump their trash know if they toss it on the roads, it will have to be picked up. LA County Road Maintenance employees are tasked with trash hauling. Resident Deputy Gruppie spends part of his time working hand-in-hand with the County Road Yard on 175th and East Avenue J combating this issue every week.

If you see a dump, please report it so it can be cleaned up as quickly as possible, including abandoned cars which is on the rise.

LA County Illegal Dumping Hotline- 1.888.838.6746 From the website:

Do Your Part - Hey LA County residents let's work together to stop illegal dumping and keep our communities clean. Approximately 14,000 tons of items are illegally dumped per year within our unincorporated communities.

Call 1-888-8Dumping (1-888-838-6746) for more information

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