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Lake Los Angeles Rural Town Council Meeting

The Town Council, though not a governing body but rather a conduit to government agencies, is here to hear your concerns and will work to seek solutions for the community with the county agencies that have oversight on local issues. The Council serves as a liaison with Los Angeles County Supervisor’s Office and other relevant agencies, such as the CHP, Sheriff’s Department and Fire Department. The Council wants to support the business community, the Park Board and other groups that are formed to benefit the LLA community with issues that affect them directly or indirectly. The Council, through regular monthly meetings addresses many issues. Residents are encouraged to come to meetings with specific concerns such as traffic, motorcycle noise, crime, graffiti, etc. The Council provides forums for discussion on issues that the residents would want brought under the public light for solutions. Lake Los Angeles has an elected Council that is dedicated to serving as a legitimate link between the buttes, the residents and the community. The reasons for not supporting are NONE.

Via: Shirley Harriman

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