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Knight Gears Up For Another Water Fight Legislative Effort To Provide Drought Relief To California R

Representative Steve Knight (CA-25) praised a measure that would help Californians who are suffering from the state’s historic drought, which passed a major House subcommittee on Wednesday.

The Fiscal Year 2017 Energy and Water Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations bill, which was released by the House Appropriations Committee earlier this week, would provide funding for the Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Energy (DOE) programs, and other related agencies. This legislation contains provisions targeted at alleviating many of the problems that have emerged as a direct result of the state’s longstanding water crisis. These include efforts that Knight and his colleagues have previously fought for, such as increasing pumping at the Delta to deliver water to Southern California and expanding water storage. “The Western drought has devastated communities throughout California, the consequences of which have spread throughout the country.” said the California Republican Delegation in a joint statement. “Congress cannot make it rain but we can enact policies that expand our water infrastructure, allow for more water conveyance, and utilize legitimate science to ensure a reliable water supply for farmers and families.” Last month, Rep. Knight signed a letter addressed to the President urging him to immediately increase water exports to Southern California from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. Prior to that, he introduced a bill that would authorize the Bureau of Reclamation to fund new water supply programs associated with communities impacted by perchlorate contamination plumes, like the Santa Clarita Valley, in order to restore lost local groundwater supply and decrease dependence on imported water supplies. He also cosponsored a bill last summer that would set up a streamlined process for increased pumping, capture, and storage in the state. “Providing solutions to California’s water crisis is a top priority for me in Congress, and I will continue to fight alongside my colleagues in the House on this issue,” stated Rep. Knight. “I am grateful for the tireless work of Representative Valadao and Representative Calvert in advancing this important measure through the Appropriations process. The Fiscal Year 2017 Energy and Water Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill passed through its House Appropriations Subcommittee on Wednesday afternoon, and currently awaits consideration in the full House Appropriations Committee.


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