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The Palmdale Aerospace Academy held their Groundbreaking Ceremony.

The Palmdale Aerospace Academy held their Groundbreaking Ceremony this morning at what will be their new campus to begin construction at the corner of Palmdale Blvd and 35th East in Palmdale

Mayor James Ledford, City Council Members Steve Hofbauer, Fred Thompson and Roxana Martinez,David Enix. Laura Herman, Steve Knight.

Mission: The Palmdale Aerospace Academy prepares its graduates for college and careers in the 21st century, aligned with workforce needs in the local area and beyond. The educational program emphasizes science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills and views academics through the lens of aerospace. Challenging projects, hands-on activities and collaborative learning engage student interest to maximize learning potential. The Palmdale Aerospace Academy will thrive through partnership with aerospace industry employers, the City of Palmdale, the Palmdale School District and others who help develop an innovative, relevant educational option. Vision: At The Palmdale Aerospace Academy, core academic concepts will come to life through applications relevant to aerospace. This will occur through the aerospace theme spiraling through the core curriculum, specialized elective classes and internships at the secondary level, clubs such as robotics, and through guest speakers, presentations and other enrichment activities stemming from local aerospace partnerships. All students will be supported to achieve their academic potential, with differentiation based on individual students’ needs, progress monitoring, and interventions. Philosophy: The Palmdale community has the responsibility to educate and prepare its youth for the future. This includes improving opportunities for today’s youth to design, to create, and to explore new ideas. It is best satisfied by providing an institution which will hone the natural, maturing abilities of today’s youth for tomorrow’s future.

Photo: by Don Hoperich

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