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Palmdale Water District Receives Water Conservation Video Award

Palmdale, CA – The Palmdale Water District was awarded the Grand Prize in the Water Take 1, Ventura County Water District International Film Contest beating out 48 other entries from around the globe in a contest

to bring awareness to the importance of water throughout the world. A $1,500.00 cash prize and a commemorative plaque was given to the water district along with media exposure and an award ceremony. The prize money will be used to create additional video ideas while providing a springboard to build a coalition of other water agencies and interested parties to share the cost burden associated with filming, editing, and crew costs. “To receive this award during a period of intense focus on water and water conservation in an international competition is such an honor,” said Dennis LaMoreaux, General Manager of the Palmdale Water District. “So many compelling and important videos were submitted and to come out on top like we did is so rewarding.” 3.5% of all water on earth is freshwater, and only 2% of that is readily available for human use, worldwide. It’s common to simply turn on your faucet, use the water, and not worry about where it comes from, how it gets to us, and how much is available to us because it is always there. With the drought entering its fifth year and El Niño not delivering the relief we need, “drought fatigue” is sure to continue. “Most if not all of the other submissions took on a more serious tone, while we took the approach of taking a very sobering issue and adding humor to it,” said Mike McNutt, PIO/Water Conservation Director for the Palmdale Water District. “When our video was played at the award ceremony and the entire crowd laughed out loud, it was such a satisfying feeling to know that the right chord was struck to get the message across.” The PWD is focused on continuing to develop additional video spots, creative radio, marketing, and advertising options to educate the community. Water has become the most precious of resources where conservation, behavior changes, water quality, public health, and a sense of a larger international community are needed to ensure that we all have enough to sustain a growing population. To view the video, go to or visit our YouTube channel by searching for Palmdale Water District. To view other submissions visit

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