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City of Lancaster to Host March 15 Open House for SR 138/ SR 14 Corridor Improvement Projects

The City of Lancaster is inviting the community to attend an open house for the SR 138/ SR 14 Corridor Improvement Projects on Tuesday, March 15. The City has secured more than $65 million dollars from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) to receive SR-138 (SR-14) Measure R Highway "Equity" Funds in order to improve and enhance the Avenue M, Avenue L, Avenue K, Avenue J, and Avenue G interchanges. This funding will also cover local street improvements for up to a mile east and a mile west of the respective interchanges. The purpose of these projects is to improve operational capacity at the interchanges and surrounding local streets; thus eliminating congestion, improving mobility between the freeway and local streets, enhancing safety, and improving way-finding as well as other context-sensitive solutions. Obtaining funding for five interchanges at once allows the City to better look at the big picture: how the interchanges work together; how the interchanges connect with local streets; and how a unifying theme can be implemented along the freeway and along adjoining local streets, to give visitors a sense of arrival as well as a sense of place. The March 15 open house will provide information on project location and study limits for each intersection. It will be held from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the East Activity Building of the Lancaster National Soccer Center (3145 E Avenue L). Community members are welcome to drop in at any time during the open house to learn more about the project and provide their input on issues and concerns. These transportation improvement projects are funded by Metro. More information on the SR 138/ SR 14 Corridor Improvement Projects can be found at

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