Prop 39 = California Clean Energy Jobs Act

Wilsona Implementing Prop 39 Energy Requirements Lake Los Angeles – Wilsona School District is seriously in to the implementation of Prop 39 terms and conditions. The California Clean Energy Jobs Act allocates revenue to local education agencies to support energy efficiency and alternative energy projects, along with related improvements and repairs that contribute to reduced operating costs and improved health and safety conditions in public schools. Every “client” that was to receive funding was compelled to follow the same Funding Pathway. Step 1 the electrical and natural gas usage billing data for 12 months needed to be provided prior to installation. Step 2 was then to benchmark facilities. Step 3 was to determine energy project priorities that agree with the spirit of Prop 39. Step 4 was sequencing of facility improvements with the Energy Commission recommendation. Steps 5 and 6 were the energy survey and project identification using the energy savings calculation tool. Step 7 was to complete and submit an energy expenditure plan to be reviewed and approved. Step 8 is the all-important tracking and reporting of 12 months of site energy usage after project installation is completed, again using the Energy Commission calculator.

This is a long-term mission starting in the school year 2013-2014 with the Award Allocation of $120,987 which was dedicated to the preliminary planning, interviewing contractors, seeking out areas of improvement and setting goals for advancements in significantly reducing energy consumption and expense in the District. Part of the planning will include reports on the savings to be realized as required by the statute. The money is allocated on average daily attendance (ADA) numbers.

Wilsona School District Superintendent Theresa Grey explained, “Because of our receiving funding, none of the District’s dollars has been spent on any part of the energy design and strategy and hands-on work ... only the Energy Expenditure Plan (EEP) amount has been spent. The dollars allocated are strictly for the purpose of reducing energy consumption. “During the discovery portion