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S O L D!

Lake Los Angeles - At the regular monthly public Board of Trustees meeting of the Wilsona School District, the announcement was made that the sale of the empty Saddleback School property on 150th Street East at East Avenue O had closed escrow Thursday February 18. The final agreement was for $415,000 and each party paid their own escrow fees. The sale was cash so escrow closed very quickly. The sale of the property halts all further dollars bleeding from the District’s budget going to the support of the property. Teresa A. Grey, Superintendent of the Wilsona School District said, “The sale of the property will allow the dollars that have been directed to maintain the utilities, the staff hours to monitor the facility and tumbleweed removal as well as the liability insurance, can now be used to address current student needs in the classroom. The proceeds of the sale must be used for facility improvements which will improve the learning environments at both of our schools. “I am hopeful that the buyer/investor will be interested in improving the property and will find a way to work with the County to lease back the property for the benefit of the community. I provided the buyer/investor the contacts of the county officials that have been interested in such a situation.” No further details were immediately available from the buyer/investor or the realtor. As information can be released, the report will be made available to the community.

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