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Potential Latino Vice Presidential Candidates Will Visit Las Vegas

Potential Latino Vice Presidential Candidates Visit Las Vegas at Nevada Latino Vote Summit this Weekend

Two Latinos Congressmen that have been mentioned as potential Vice Presidential candidates will address voters in Nevada this weekend on the importance of the Latino vote in Republican and Democratic Presidential Primaries and Caucuses.

"Congressmen Xavier Becerra of Los Angeles and Raul Grijalva of Tucson are in the Democratic conversation for Vice President along with HUD Secretary Julian Castro of San Antonio, and US Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Chicago," said Antonio Gonzalez, President of the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP).

"Given that Republicans may nominate Latino Senators Marco Rubio of Florida or Ted Cruz of Texas -both Cuban Americans, it is logical that the Democrats consider a qualified Mexican American or Puerto Rican on their side," Gonzalez continued.

At the Nevada Latino Vote Summit interested voters will gather to dialogue with Presidential surrogates and Congressional Candidates from both parties.

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