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Palmdale’s Crime Rate Drops Again Crime Down 53 Percent Since 1996

PALMDALE – With a 5.84 percent decrease in the number of Part I crimes reported in 2015, City of Palmdale and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) Palmdale have announced that the City’s overall crime rate has reduced to 246 crimes per 10,000 population.

The 2015 crime rate in Palmdale stands at the lowest level in more than two decades. It has dropped a whopping 53 percent, from a rate of 467.71 in 1996 to the current 246 level.

This marks the seventh consecutive year that Palmdale’s crime rate has been below the 300 crimes per 10,000, a number that puts Palmdale in a category of having a reputation as a safe city. In 2007, the City of Palmdale set a five-year goal to work with the Sheriff’s Department and the community and lower the crime rate below 300 by 2012. That goal was reached two years ahead of schedule.

When compared to 2014, homicides were down 22 percent, aggravated assault down 6 percent, burglary down 8 percent, larceny theft down 14 percent, and arson remained the same. Areas that continue to be hot spots include grand theft auto, up 36 percent, with 455 incidents in 2015, up from 335 in 2014; robbery was up 9 percent; and rapes increased 19 percent (partially due to a change in the FBI’s classification of this crime). There were a total of 3,840 crimes in 2015, down from 4,078 in 2014.

“The crime reduction we have seen in the City of Palmdale is the result of a collaborative effort involving the Sheriff’s Department, City staff, community involvement, and the support of our local leaders,” said Palmdale Sheriff’s Acting Captain, Dennis Kneer. “We will continue working together to make Palmdale a safer place for all of us.”

“Embracing the concept of community policing, where law enforcement, City staff, businesses, and residents come together as partners has been very successful in Palmdale,” said Palmdale Mayor, Jim Ledford. “The results speak for themselves.”

“We will continue to work hard with law enforcement, businesses, and our residents to drive the crime rate down,” said Palmdale’s Director of Neighborhood Services, Mike Miller. “We are seeing some very positive results from the great work and programs being done throughout the City, including our Neighborhood Houses, Neighborhood and Business Watch, as well as working proactively with our community partners.”

For more information about the City of Palmdale’s public safety and community relations department, call 661/267-5181. To see the latest video, “This is How We Roll, Palmdale” with Ruth & Kery which talks about the recent crime stats report, or on the City’s You Tube Channel, CityofPalmdale.

A link to the Los Angeles County crime stats may be found at:

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