California State Senator Sharon Runner presented on the senate floor, SCR 88 to recognize January as Human Trafficking Awareness Month. In her address to the senate she noted how lack of awareness on this issue plays a role in the persistent problem of human trafficking within California.

Throughout California the month of January many local and state leadership took measures to address an issue of growing domestic and international concern regarding human trafficking. Human trafficking is the enslavement of another human being through means of force, fraud, duress or coercion to abuse that person for sexual exploitation or labor. It should be noted that when minor children are involved in commercial sex, consent can never be given and it is automatically considered human trafficking with no required element of fraud, coercion or deception necessary to be classified as such. Examples of human trafficking include prostitution, indentured servitude, sweatshop labor and more.


Events like the Super Bowl have been noted to see a marked increase in human sex trafficking. Bay Area officials are attempting to address these concerns by training various community workers and businesses on how to identify the signs of human trafficking.