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Congressman Calls On Agency To Reach Prompt Resolution On Mine Cancellation

(SANTA CLARITA, CA) – Representative Steve Knight (CA-25) sent a letter on Thursday requesting that the final judgment on the proposed Cemex mine in Soledad Canyon be delivered as soon as possible.

The letter, which was addressed to Department of the Interior Deputy Secretary Michael Connor, comes after the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) decision in August to cancel Cemex’s mining contracts in the Santa Clarita Valley. Shortly after that pronouncement, Cemex exercised its right to appeal the cancellation, initiating a legal proceeding that could take over two years to complete. Rep. Knight argues that while Cemex and the BLM should have their rights upheld, it would be in the interest of everyone involved to reach a decision sooner rather than later.

“An early resolution of this issue will bring a long-term dispute to a well-deserved conclusion,” Rep. Knight states in his letter.

This correspondence is the latest in a long series of actions by Rep. Knight to halt the aggregate mi