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City of Lancaster Joins Los Angeles County in Proclaiming January as “Homeowners’ Exemption Awarenes

During last week’s council meeting, the Lancaster City Council proclaimed January to be “Homeowners’ Exemption Awareness Month.” In a countywide effort to increase the number of homeowners who benefit from the Homeowners’ Exemption, Los Angeles County Assessor Jeffrey Prang has worked with Los Angeles County officials, as well as various municipal governments throughout the region to recognize January as “Homeowners’ Exemption Awareness Month.” The Office of the Assessor offers property tax exemptions which may save homeowners on their property tax bill. One of the most common exemptions is the Homeowners’ Exemption, which lowers the home’s assessed value by $7,000, thereby reducing the annual property tax bill by about $70. Citizens who own a home in Los Angeles County as their principal place of residence may qualify for the Homeowners’ Exemption. Residents who qualify for the Homeowners’ Exemption can apply with the Office of Los Angeles Assessor by filling out Form BOE-266 (Claim for Homeowner’s Property Tax Exemption). The form is available online from the Los Angeles County Assessor’s website. A homeowner filing for the first time may file at any time. However, in order to receive the full exemption for that year, homeowners must apply no later than February 15. Assessor Jeffrey Prang’s Office is responsible for locating all taxable property in the County and establishing its value. With 2.6 million assessments, the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office is the largest assessment agency in the nation. For more information, visit

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