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Free Disaster Preparedness Basics Presentation Coming Next Tuesday

The City of Palmdale’s neighborhood services department will host a free disaster preparedness basics presentation next Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 7 pm in the City Council Chamber, 38300 Sierra Hwy, Suite B.

This presentation will offer how-to information, and materials on how to be properly prepared, as well as examples of emergency preparedness supplies and “bug out” bags.

“We face the potential of several different kinds of disasters that can strike here in the Antelope Valley,” said Crime Prevention Officer Kery German. “Earthquakes are fairly common, and the experts are saying that a magnitude 5.0 earthquake is 99 percent likely to hit the Los Angeles area within next three years.”

“Fires are another threat that we must prepare for,” added German. “Our drought conditions over the past several years have greatly increased the risk of wildfires.”

The expected El Niño conditions this winter, while helping the drought, could lead to incidents of catastrophic flooding.” “Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States and can happen anywhere---including the Antelope Valley as we have seen,” added German.

“The best time to protect your family and property in regards to disasters is before they happen,” German said. “We encourage our residents to come to this free presentation and learn how easy it is to be prepared.”

For more information contact the crime prevention office at 661/267-5170.


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