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City of Lancaster to Implement Used Mattress Recycling Program

During last night’s Council meeting, the Lancaster City Council authorized an agreement with the Mattress Recycling Council, Inc. (MRC), for a Used Mattress Recycling Program and a Used Mattress Collection Service Agreement. The City of Lancaster’s 24-hour Recycling Center currently accepts e-waste, used cooking and motor oil, antifreeze, batteries, and labeled paint. However, there are no mattress-recycling programs currently in effect in the City. The new agreement between the MRC and the City of Lancaster will allow the City to expand the services provided at its 24-Hour Recycling Center, by providing residents with a place to dispose of their old mattresses and box springs for free. In 2013, the state of California passed the Used Mattress Recovery & Recycling Act, requiring the mattress industry to create a program to promote mattress recycling. As a result, the MRC was created and a recycling fee for each mattress and box spring sold to end users was established. This recycling fee went into effect on December 30, 2015, and will be used to fund mattress collection, transportation, and recycling services throughout California. Currently, residents wishing to dispose of old mattresses and box springs must take them to the landfill or arrange for a “bulk waste pickup” through Waste Management. However, often these mattresses are dumped in alley ways, next to commercial dumpsters, or out in the desert. This results in a significant amount of City staff time being spent picking up the illegally dumped mattresses and taking them to the landfill for proper disposal. “Lancaster always strives to be environmentally conscious, not only to protect our homes, but our planet as well,” said Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris, “In addition to our many alternative-energy endeavors, enhancing our recycling programs is just another step we can take toward being a healthier, more sustainable community.” The 24-Hr Recycling Center is located on the grounds of the Lancaster Maintenance Yard (615 West Avenue H). For information regarding the center, citizens may call 661-723-5885.

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