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Drought Conditions Force Difficult Decisions For Residents In District 40 Antelope Valley


California is under a Governor-declared drought emergency as the State faces the least amount of rainfall in its 163-year history. The City and the Los Angeles County Waterworks District are asking the community to conserve water and protect these valuable resources.

Governor Brown’s plan creates a statewide rebate program where customers receive incentives to replace old appliances with more efficient, newer models At a meeting with Lake Los Angles residents and the Town Council, it was explain by L.A County Waterworks employees, that you can appeal if your household is larger than what it's allocated. Lake Los Angeles is rural unincorporated area, where many residents have livestock.

As one community resident asked " Did the County and Waterworks take in consideration residents who own horses, chickens, and dogs?" Residents pointed out that they are Mandes by LACounty Animal Control to show adequate water for their animals or be ticketed for animal cruelty.

Gov. Brown’s mandate also includes requesting water agencies bump up water prices, which he hopes will make people think twice before participating in excessive water use.

Customers may file an appeal by submitting an Application for Relief from Compliance online or at local district offices. Customers must file an appeal within 20 days of the implementation of the Phased Water Conservation Plan (June 8, 2015) 626.300.3313

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