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$111.4 Million to Advance the Careers of Farmworkers, Displaced Oil & Gas Workers, Young People, and Underserved Californians

SACRAMENTO – Last year, Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order launching a new career education effort to improve access to high-paying and fulfilling careers for students and workers.

Here’s how this executive order and other state investments are delivering for Californians:

$33.7 Million in Job Creation and Training for Underserved Californians. Supporting 6,973 workers and apprentices, as well as creating 200 new jobs, to advance career opportunities for communities that historically haven’t had access to these resources.

$26.7 Million to Support Displaced Oil & Gas WorkersPreparing displaced workers from the oil and gas industry for sectors that match their skills and offer comparable wages, including industries such as renewable energy, high-technology, construction, advanced manufacturing, nanotechnology, and other high-wage jobs.

$25 Million for Earn-and-Learn Opportunities for Young People. Expanding pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs to serve more opportunity youth – individuals aged 16-24 who are, or are at risk of, being disconnected from the education system,  employment or housing, including foster youth.

$26 Million to Help Farmworkers Gain New Skills. Investing in the education necessary to enter job training programs, increase access to existing and emerging high-paying jobs in the agriculture industry, and improve job quality and wages. This effort complements the Administration’s ongoing, community-driven efforts to improve outreach and labor enforcement for farmworkers.

Removed College Degree Requirements for 169 Types of State Jobs. Creating more opportunities to work for the state by removing employment barriers from 169 job classifications where a degree or other education requirements are not necessary, which is just the start of expanding access to well-paying jobs in public service.


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