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100 Days Left To Renew Permanent Disabled Parking Placards

Sacramento – Californians who need to renew a permanent disabled person parking placard before June 30, 2023, have 100 days left until their placards expire.

State law now requires placard holders who have had their placard for six years or longer to return a signed renewal notice to the DMV to remain eligible for a permanent disabled person parking placard. Longtime placard holders will no longer automatically receive new placards in the mail every two years.

“We don’t want the clock to run out on folks,” said DMV Director Steve Gordon. “I encourage everyone who needs to renew to take action today so their replacement gets to them before the current parking placard expires.”

The DMV’s newly launched online placard renewal service, found at, makes it easy for customers to meet the new requirements. The DMV has already mailed new placards to more than 1.2 million customers who have renewed online or by mail, out of the approximately 2 million customers who need to provide a signature by the end of June.

To renew, placard holders must send the DMV a signed response to the renewal notice. To do so, they can:

  • Fill out a form and electronically sign at

  • Scan the QR code on the renewal notice to open, e-sign and submit a personalized form. (Note: Customers should use the QR code reader built into their mobile device; QR code readers downloaded from an app store may not be secure.)

  • Mail the DMV their signed renewal notice.

Placard holders will receive a renewal notice every six years. There is no charge or fee to renew.

Check Online First        

The DMV offers many digital services, such as eligible vehicle registration and driver’s license renewals. The department encourages customers to use its convenient online servicesand other service channels instead of visiting a DMV office. Customers can explore their options by using the Service Advisor on the DMV website.


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